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Michael Wigle /waɪ-gəl/

Currently in Hawai'i

Will always travel

Michael Wigle is a passionate production designer and art director with over a decade of experience in feature films, television, commercials, and live events. With a strong emphasis on narrative storytelling, his credits include CBS Television’s series Magnum P.I. and the 2022 Academy Award nominated feature film, Marcel in the Shell with Shoes On.


Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the top ranked school of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. After moving to Los Angeles he combined a childhood love of theater with experience in design. His credits include big budget features like Amazon Studio’s upcoming Red One and collaborations with award winning directors on commercial ad campaigns. Professionally he belongs to the Art Directors Guild and advocates for responsible filmmaking in relation to environmental conservation.


Grounded in technical reality while playing in fantasy has also led to the creation of projects outside of his career in film and television. Additional design work includes a permanent holographic exhibit at the Reagan Presidential Library & Museum and a full scale prototype of the stratospheric World View Explorer spacecraft. He frequently collaborates with Red Hen Industries, a design and fabrication shop specializing in live event and art installations with an emphasis on space tourism. You can get a taste of his interior design work in the craft cocktail lounge The Boardroom in Kailua, Hawai’i.

Let's make something together!

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